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Anna Jarvis and Mother's Day

How We Came To Have This Day For Mom

Imagine a time long, long ago—well, not too long, but over a century ago—when Mother's Day was just a twinkle in someone's eye. Enter Anna Jarvis, a feisty and devoted daughter from West Virginia, who thought, "Hey, moms do a ton of work; why not have a day just for them?" So, in 1908, armed with determination and a whole lot of love for her own mother, Anna threw the very first Mother's Day celebration in a local church.

This wasn’t just a small affair with a cake and some balloons. Oh no, it was a full-blown event with carnations everywhere (her mom's favorite flower) and heartfelt speeches. People loved it so much that Anna thought, "Why not make this an every-year kind of thing?" So, she got to work, writing letters, making calls, and probably sending the early 1900s version of emails (pigeon mail, maybe?).

silhouette photo of woman and girl on shoreline

Her persistence paid off when President Woodrow Wilson, likely nudged by notes from mothers everywhere, officially declared the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day in 1914. Since then, it's been an annual extravaganza where flowers, chocolates, and, let’s admit, last-minute greeting cards fly off the shelves.

And, if we journey back even further, the Greeks and Romans were partying with their mom goddesses, Rhea and Cybele, throwing big festivals with good food and music (we assume). Then, during the Middle Ages, there was “Mothering Sunday” in the UK, a chill day when people would return to their 'mother church' for a service, and kids would score some points by bringing flowers to their moms.

So, from ancient goddess fetes to Anna Jarvis's floral fiesta, and now worldwide celebrations, Mother’s Day has always been about giving moms their well-deserved props. It’s the one day a year where moms get a break (well, sort of) and everyone steps up to say, "Thanks, Mom, you're awesome!" with more flair and fun than a usual Sunday. Now, go plan something cool for your mom!

Special Shout out

Happy Mother's Day to the extraordinary league of super moms—Bianka, Star Z, Janice, Monica, Chel, Gauss, Beth, Quile, Julie, Cathy, Kareen, Lucille, Kat S., Ate Kilel, Mitzch, Pches, Mimi M., all my super titas Tita Ising, Tita Molo, my super lola, my other Mom, Mommy Bernie, and my sisters Matet and Jackie F!

Each of you brings their own “super” into the lives you touch.

But a special shoutout to my mom, Imelda, whose unconventional ways have taught me the most profound lessons in life. I'm endlessly grateful for the unique way you brought me up and I would not have it any other way.

Here's to you, Ma, and Mommy B. and to all the amazing moms who do so much and love even more!

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