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First Christmas with My Mom

My Life Stories

The first part of my life, my Mom was not around. I only got to know that oh, I still do have a mom when I was around 12.

I was walking around Luzon bakery at that time, buying bread. As I passed by a beautiful older woman, my heart jumped, and we both turned around, and she said “Bing?” because that is what they call me in my family. And I, instinctively said, “Ma?”

And that was my second recollection. The first was, when I was lugging at her feet, asking her to stay or to take me with her. I was, I think 6, at that time. It was a heart wrenching moment for a 6 year old to experience. I think when she left, that’s when I started to drown myself into music. I know I locked the door of our bedroom and I put on music. I remember singing to Basil Valdez’ Kastilyong Buhangin with tears streaming down my face.

And after 40 years, we came to close the gap between us, and allowed love and forgiveness to come through. Today, this year, 2022 is our first christmas together and it is really special to me, and to my family.

So if you have your Mom with you, or not, please do reach out to her and tell her that she is loved, welcomed, and adored. Do not ever take your mom or your parents for granted. They go through a lot, and they deserve a lot of love.

Life is too short to not be generous with love.

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