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My Kid's NFT Art On Your Shoes

For the Housefice Project

We have been renting for almost our whole marriage life but we decided last year to put a brave face, find a house and buy it. And in the Philippines, it’s almost always on a long mortgage loan which we did, finally.

So a big yey for us because we got the house we wanted. And now, a miracle needs to happen because we have a design that I want and it should look and feel industrial + nature-ish minimalist design and we don’t have enough budget to cover renovation costs.

When we got the 15 year old house, what I loved about it was not because of it’s disney-ish design but because of it’s space, and the air flow. It’s not even that hot when we went to inspect it earlier today.

So I wanted to create a project that would help us pay for part of the renovations. It’s a platform for kids art… on your shoes, tees, bags wrapped in an NFT art.

When you buy an NFT, enclosed in it is a $100 gift card so you could buy a limited edition cryptopop.art shoes or duffel bag.

Would you help me share cryptopop.art to friends who know crypto?

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