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Throwing in a few ideas for your friday night.


Here are a few ideas for things to do on a Friday night:

  1. Go out to eat at a nice restaurant or try a new type of cuisine.

  2. Catch a movie at a local theater or streaming service.

  3. Attend a live event, such as a concert, sports game, or theater performance.

  4. Have a game night with friends or family, playing board games, card games, or video games.

  5. Go out dancing at a club or bar, or have a dance party at home.

  6. Visit an art gallery, museum, or other cultural venue.

  7. Take a class or workshop to learn a new skill or hobby.

  8. Go for a hike or a walk in a park or nature trail.

  9. Host a dinner party or potluck and invite friends over to try out new recipes.

  10. Relax at home with a good book, a bubble bath, or a Netflix marathon.If you ask me what I want to do tonight. It’s simple. Finish up my milestones for the next year and watch some Netflix with my hubby and drink some Soju. :)

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