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Today, the Philippines Elected A New President

Bong Bong Marcos and Sara Duterte and these are my views

I’m a Filipina and I have been silent throughout this election, in social media, in anything. I don’t discuss my political views because, these are mine and I need to be very responsible in posting anything online.

BBM and Sara Dutertes are both offsprings of strong political fathers. The former, is Marcos’ son and the latter is, the now outgoing president, President Duterte’s daughter. Both are capable and both have very strong political will. Both won in leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors in this 2022 electoral race.

The other opponents in the race for presidency, like Leni Robredo, were capable as well but her abilities are dulled by her very poor demeanor and vague-to-contradicting public speaking.

What troubled me was her last speech after she lost. Amd this was 20 hours ago.

Instead of conceding gracefully, instead of telling her supporters to support the incoming electorates. instead of saying that she will launch formal complaints, instead of congratulating her opponents for the win and supporting them in their endeavors, because after all, they will be working for the Philippines, instead of all things she could have said, what she said, in the end, is a call to arms.

Clearly, she has not read the Art of War by Sun Tzu. Or if she did, then, she clearly did not know how to use it to good will.

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