When I'm 60

A note. A hug. A Pair of Shoes.

I’m kinda sentimental these days but approximately 11 years from now, I hope one of my kids have the sensibility and thoughtfulness to buy me a pair of shoes on any regular day. It need not be expensive. It need not be anything but just something that you can comfortably wear when you’re a little bit older.


Most kids these days are selfish. They just want to be left alone. They want us parents to buy things for them, do things for them and we, as parents, do not expect them to return the favor but at the least, I hope, one day, they would have these sense of thoughtfulness and sweet gestures that will melt any parents heart, and ultimately, tells us parents that, yes, they are grateful.

It does not even have to be bought. It can be a short note. A poem. A song. A picture posted on the latest social media that they are proud of their parents. A meal. A hug. kiss or a pair of comfortable shoes.

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